Hey, I hope you are doing well — my friend.

Today I want to talk about when things get tough. And I mean really tough. So tough that your head feels like it will explode, or so fierce, that you have smashed all your resourceful energy into smithereens.

Winston Churchill once said;
“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

I do get that and let’s face it if we didn’t keep going we’d just procrastinate and fossilise in our comfort zones. I understand that too, I do.

It then comes back to my favourite word “balance”. Sometimes you have the energy to push on through – when you do, that’s great, keep going.

What I want to talk about today is what to do when things get hard. And I mean really hard. So hard you don’t have the energy to lift your head off the pillow. In my experience, it’s best to get back to basics.

I’m massively into my boxing. I don’t box, but I love watching it as a sport. This weekend that just passed saw one of the biggest upsets in the game, for what some are saying, over twenty years.

Anthony Joshua lost all his world titles to Andy Ruiz Jr. AJ was expected to breeze past Ruiz, and within three rounds, AJ was all over the place. After seven rounds he couldn’t continue, he had the fight punched out of him.

He was very humble in defeat and vowed to reclaim his glory in a rematch that is expected to happen in six months. It’s a set back for AJ but great for the world of boxing as it’s opened the heavyweight division right up. These heavyweights can take each other out in just one punch – that’s all it takes.

If you think about it, it’s like life. You can be sailing along quite happily, and then one significant punch from life can alter the course of your direction. If at this point you decide to stay down and not get up then that’s not going to help. Sometimes you may have the energy to get straight back up and go again, and that’s cool. But sometimes it may absorb all of your being, and that’s not so cool.

If you find that you are overwhelmed, burned out, anxious, or depressed, then to brush yourself down and push on through might feel like you are trying to drag a boulder uphill. In my experience, when life gets this severe, it’s time to get back to basics.

Half the time, things are never as bad as they seem, and all thoughts are the perception you have on reality. Them vibes you are sending out are coming back and smacking you in the face.

If you are a person who has meditated before but hasn’t in a while, then go back to it.

If you know that you are getting all up in your head, then it’s time to get back to a daily practice to pull yourself out of it. Even just a few moments of sitting with the breath will make you feel somewhat better.

If you haven’t tried meditation, then do. It’s a great way to get to understand your thoughts a bit more – It’s excellent to re-balance yourself.

Side Note; A little breathing technique to help re-balance quickly.

Take a breath going in through your nose down to the pit of your stomach while pushing your stomach out. Then release the air out the mouth until you have no more air to push out. Do this for say 30-60 seconds, and instantly there is a more calming balance to your energy.

If you realise you are shouting and screaming at your partner or kids, try and consciously step back from engaging in that emotion and give yourself the few seconds you need before reacting and becoming hijacked by the fuel of anger.

When you have lots of negative self-talk, then counter that with something you are thankful or grateful for before it hits you harder than a heavyweight boxer.

If walking in fresh air clears your mind, then start with that each day.

Exercising, eating clean, whatever is right to help replenish the soul – go back to basics.

If that feels too much, then sit, rest and cut yourself some slack. Don’t get too involved in what thoughts are presented to you and be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is another day, and what you are thinking and feeling will pass. If not tomorrow then soon, it takes as long as it takes.

One thing you can guarantee, though is that thoughts, feelings and emotions are all temporary. If you give them fuel by agreeing with them, then you allow them to hijack you and manifest even more.

Nobody is perfect. We are all growing and learning all the time, so be gentle, kind and go easy. When it gets too tough, go back to basics.

Till next time, take care, all the best.