In my 41 years on this planet, one big thing I’ve noticed is human beings love a label. There is nothing more restrictive than pigeonholing ourselves to some label.

In my early twenties, I used to DJ out in night clubs. I started with uplighting hard house and then found my way into the more U.S house scene. The truth was I just liked house music. When I’d play in various clubs, I’d meet different DJ’s and promoters, and it was quite amazing to listen to the pigeon hole they would shoehorn themselves and me into. There was quite a lot of arrogance within the scene, but for me, I just liked house music. I wasn’t confident enough in myself back then though to stick both my fingers up and be 100% myself. I was in a place of trying to work out who I was, and with that, I had my insecurities as a lot of youngsters do. The point is though, the labels that we give ourselves and each other are not us. I get that a lot of people are just trying to make sense of the world out there. Labels can have a sense of order, and maybe that’s where these labels come from, who knows?

Another label that is true to my family and me is Autism. My son is 15 years old and has been diagnosed with ASD. The diagnosis has opened up so many doors for him, and he gets a lot of support nowadays that it’s been great. Thing is though Callum is not the label of Autism. Callum has difficulties but then who doesn’t? If he was to start wearing his ASD like a badge to get away with stuff or use it as an excuse, then that isn’t going to help him. If Callum was to start limiting himself because of the label of ASD, then he will hold himself back. This isn’t being harsh, Callum can articulate much more what he finds difficult, and we find solutions for that. That isn’t playing up to his label, that is just what anyone would do if they find something difficult. Work through it and find a way out.

Unfortunately, we have so many divides in the world, and maybe it’s these labels that help keep us separate from each other. We have tags from race, to politics, to appearance, to personality, etc.

How can we be united as one consciousness when we look at each other as separate to one another. It’s this separation that causes the world to conflict with one another. I’m alright Jack, pull up the ladder and screw everyone else.

If we want to live a more meaningful and loving existence, then for me, we need to break these barriers down. We are one and labels lead to separation.

Till next time, take care.

All the best