As a small business owner, I face plenty of challenges in most weeks. It’s bloody tough not to get pulled into that strong undercurrent of stress and have yourself drawn under very quickly.

Today I have had a real problem with the main piece of equipment that feeds all my workers their water supply. It was a bit of a shock to find that out at 7 am this morning. If the vans don’t have water, then we don’t earn any money.

It’s like the main artery pumping blood to the heart of the business. Now I know that we always get through these setbacks. Things can be made up so I could relax a little as long as I got it sorted today.

This approach sounds good, but in the heat of the moment the stories can build up instantly, and if I’m not on my toes the storm could sweep me away like a broken tree down a flooded river. I started off going through the motions ok, and I was quite relaxed about it all, but as the day drew on, I wasn’t getting very far with fixing the problem and the cracks started to appear.

I knew that I was on limited time because if I didn’t sort the issue then to try and recover two lost days would be tough. I found a couple of solutions, but nothing that was foolproof and both were risky in terms of a complete and positive outcome.

By about mid-afternoon, I was struggling to keep it together. I’d had a couple of small blips of frustration. On one particular moment, I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins and my anger heightening, so I took myself out to a quiet space to take a few deep breaths to ground myself quickly and compose myself again.

By the early evening, I had the issue under control, and by the morning we will be good to go again. Today was very tough and I know how to deal with this stuff. My natural temperament isn’t that of a Zen monk, although it’s getting much better.

What I do know though is how to do is pull this back quickly. I know it’s all thoughts and it’s energy that builds up and can cause anguish and frustration.

My message to you is when you are overwhelmed, you can either be swept along down that stream of despair, or you can start to separate yourself from these thoughts and allow them to ride out.

The world is out there, and it will do what it wants when it wants, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. What you can do is change your inner view of the world. Sometimes it may feel like you are tussling a raging bull, but as you become more aware and educated into the understanding of how not to latch onto your thoughts, then you will find more peace.

That peace may not be all love and light in the moment, but peace comes from the moment you realize that you are not the thoughts that are coming to you. You are living the world inside your head, and the more stories you make up and believe. The worse your world will be.

Let the energy pass to and through you and allow your inner being to be at ease. For these moments do and will pass.

Tomorrow you live to fight another day.

Till next time, take care.

All the best,