A Bit About Me

I would class myself as an ambitious, entrepreneurial, creative, cheeky, deep thinking, spiritual man. I’ve often had compliments that I have an older wise head on younger shoulders. Well that was when I was a lot younger, I’m not as young nowadays at 41 years old. I have a very close-knit family. I’ve been married to my wife Natalie for eight years, and we have been a couple for 18 years.

Natalie is a psychic medium, and we have some fascinating conversations about how it all works. My son is 15, and my daughter is 12. Both have big kind hearts and are very individual in their personalities. We did well there helping them along with that.

I own quite a large local cleaning business with my brother. We employ quite a few members of staff and work hard to keep building and developing the business. I’ve been in all kinds of business over the last 20 or so years. Now I’m in my 40’s I want to work in helping others move forward in life.

I genuinely get lots of fulfillment being able to help others along. I’ve learned though that this cannot come at the cost of my mental health – It’s a balancing act. I genuinely learn as much from helping others as others do when working with me. I always try my best to be a decent human being. I’m comfortable in my skin and am comfortable with receiving feedback of all kinds. I like just being honest, upfront and saying it as it is – simple.

Some people can handle that and some can’t. Again it’s no drama; I’m not here to try and convince anyone of what I’m capable of or what my value is. If you see it, great, let’s talk. If not then I wish you the very best on your journey.

I’ve trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Reiki, Energy Healing to name but a few. I’ve got years of experience in helping individuals on a one to one basis. I’ve taken workshops in meditation, mediumship, EFT, and baking. The last one may not help you get over your issues, but life always looks a little better when your eating cake 🙂

I’m curious, hands-on, knowledgeable and a go-getter type who loves opening my mind to the potential we have within all of us. I’m always watching the latest developments on anything to do with energy and the universe. I’m a keen fan of lots of shows on Gaia (Netflix for spiritual people). I’m always reading books and listening to audible. I’m fascinated by human potential and how we can reach great heights.

I think my biggest asset is that I am a lifelong learner – I like to learn, and I genuinely want to thrive. I do my best to switch off when it is time to and to live with patience and compassion.

The reason for me publishing this website is I want to help. I can work on a one to one basis or by sharing my experiences with the world. I am looking forward to adding my podcasts to the site and hope you enjoy them.

I want to explore the avenues of great minds while raising the vibration of the planet and the people around me.

Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to talk. It would be great to connect.

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